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Created and developed by global financial crime experts. Our powerful AML software enables the verification of customers within minutes, taking away frustrations of compliance.

Learn the essentials of Know Your Business.
Learn the essentials of Know Your Customer.

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AML solutions

Save time and money, by streamlining processes with our range of AML services. Choose the services you need and be confident that our team of anti-money laundering experts will provide the right size solution.

Fast, accurate and compliant. Our customer due diligence service takes the hassle out of meeting your obligations. Making it easy for both you and your clients. Outsource to us, or you and your team can use our AMLOnline portal to take care of things yourself.

The tic company team verifies the identity of all specified individuals. Using a combination of thorough processes, AML expertise, and the latest technology to achieve the highest quality of due diligence and record keeping for you.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and global sanctions watchlists are continuously updated and gone through with a fine-tooth comb. You can be confident that when we pin-point PEPs and sanctioned entities your records will be up to date and accurate.

Our comprehensive employee screening means you can be sure you’re not introducing money laundering risks into your business. We ensure that AML vetting is handled with discretion, whilst maintaining accurate record keeping.

Trusted by hundreds of clients, our third-party due diligence screening will give you the right size solution for your business needs. You’ll spend less time and money selecting the right partners and have access to all your due diligence documents on one secure platform.

Ensure your compliance is fit for purpose through our consulting and advisory services. We offer a flexible program of assessment and remediation as well as three different Consulting as a Service plans (CaaS) so you can choose consulting support the way you want it..

Get trusted remediation advice from our team of experts who have experience across global intelligence organisations, regulatory bodies, and foreign development banks. We can get you back on track and enhance your processes so you don’t have to worry when it comes to audit time or visits from the regulators.

Protect your business and ensure compliance with our expert monitoring and quality assurance services. We review your processes and run on-going checks so you can be sure you’re doing the right thing consistently and correctly.

Ensure you remain compliant with ongoing monitoring of you client base. Use up-to-date data sets to check client status, changes in situation and interrogate transactions or unusual behaviour to ensure compliance.

Get some extra help to get you through your compliance obligations or to audit your existing set up with our AML outsourcing service designed to meet your needs.

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