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Fast, accurate onboarding for all your vendors.

Complete vendor onboarding in as little as a few minutes with our world-class AML systems.

Identity checks & AML for real estate agents

Whether you want to fully outsource or manage things yourself, our team of AML experts and leading technology will provide you with the solution to ensure pain free AML processes for both you and your vendor.


One size doesn't fit all

We create tailored compliance documentation, including customer due diligence forms specifically to cater for the realities of working in the real estate industry. Accurate, compliant processes designed just for real estate.


Get to market faster

Instant results from identity checks means you get to market your listing quickly and there’s no need to wait around for results. With our secure, award winning platform and ‘live’ data checks you can be sure the information you receive is accurate and fully compliant.


Real-time access and transparency

Get your hands on critical information faster. In our secure online tool you get to see your listings as soon as you’ve posted them. And you have instant access to any uploaded documents, and visibility of any items that are outstanding or need attention.


Put your stamp on it

Provide instant recognition to your clients by adding your own brand elements to our online portal and due diligence documentation.


Security and privacy

Enterprise-grade technology using robust and well tested platforms ensure best-in-class availability and protection of user data and privacy. Easy to use, our technology will reduce friction for both you and your vendor.


Designated Business Group (DGB)

Create a consistent experience for your vendors, reduce costs and risk with a designated business group (DGB). We created and continue to manage the largest DGB in NZ real estate with over 100 members, allowing real estate businesses to share the burden of key AML processes, such as record keeping and customer due diligence.

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Case study


A real estate agent came to us feeling overwhelmed with the AML process. This agent’s client was selling a house in New Zealand, but lived overseas, meaning they had never met face to face. The house was also held in a Trust, meaning that enhanced customer due diligence was required.


First, the tic company team talked the agent through the AML process. We then sent the vendor instructions on how to do a biometric check. This industry-leading technology allowed us to detect liveness and likeness of an individual compared with their ID document. This meant we verified the identity of the vendor without meeting them in person. A face match was correctly identified: this person was who they said they were.

To obtain information about the trust, we called the client’s lawyer. We verified the client’s source of wealth and funds, as well as their background, and the reasoning behind the transaction. After carrying out all of our other checks, we completed the CDD process.


The agent was very happy with this outcome. We had completed due diligence for them quickly and securely, while educating and reassuring the agent along the way. By enlisting our services, this client was able to focus their attention on their client while trusting us to carry out customer due diligence.

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