Ongoing monitoring
Ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Keep on top of the changing status of your client’s situation with our ongoing due diligence checks and monitoring of their compliance journey.

Monitoring client risk in real-time


Online portal

Get instant access to information on your clients with our AMLOnline portal. Secure and up-to-date, our easy to use technology includes dashboards on customer status so it’s easy to keep track of a customer’s situation.

PEP & Sanction monitoring

Never miss a change in your client’s PEP or sanction status with our real-time screening procedures. We never reuse data for PEP or sanction checks so we can ensure any updates in lists are continuously detected and that you are aware if any of your new or existing clients are placed on lists globally.


Tailored reporting

Take the stress out of reporting with our tailored reporting specifically designed for compliance monitoring. Instantly accessible and including all the information you’ll need at audit time it makes ongoing record keeping easy.

Periodic reviews

We know that ongoing monitoring can take up time which you’d rather spend on doing business so we offer help with recurring monthly, quarterly and yearly monitoring. Get in touch to find out more.



Our smart technology takes the hard work out of ongoing checks using automated alert systems. You’ll be notified when checks need to be re-run, and when to review the risk rating of your ongoing client base.

Peace of mind

Get piece of mind that the required ongoing checks are being run on your client base and you’re always receiving up-to-date information with our complete outsource service or use our online portal to manage activity yourself.


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More about ongoing monitoring

Ongoing monitoring is important as it allows you to obtain an ongoing picture of your customers and any change in status. It is important to detect any changes so you can identify any material changes, suspicious activities, or transactions which may leave your business vulnerable to money laundering activity.

Carry out ongoing monitoring on all existing customers and review details on record periodically. You should ensure that the business relationship, including the activities and transactions within it are consistent with your knowledge about the customer, their business and risk profile.

If you find anything suspicious when conducting ongoing monitoring of clients and suspect money laundering activity you must submit a suspicious activity report (SAR) or suspicious transaction report (STR) to your respective financial intelligence unit. In New Zealand your SAR/STR can be filed using the GoAML tool.

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