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Seamless compliance

We run PEP and sanction screening checks every single time we carry out identity verification, customer due diligence or ongoing due diligence checks. Quick, automated and ensures you’ll never miss a change in your client’s situation.

Trusted data

Don’t get caught out by using outdated data – it’s not an accepted excuse for non-compliance. We only use reliable data sources, that are updated constantly so you can be sure each check includes newly named individuals or entities.


Expert advice

Take away the stress of having to deal with positive matches with expert advice from our team of AML specialists. We can interrogate the results to advise the best course of action, and support you should the need to conduct enhanced checks or the need to file a suspicion arises.

Bulk screening

Sanction or PEP screening taking too long? Choose bulk screening and stay informed about your client’s current risk and sanction status while saving time and money. Fast, efficient and reliable.


On-going customer due diligence

We take a risk-based approach to PEP and sanction screening. Our checks don’t stop at onboarding but continue throughout your customer relationship. We can even remind you when reverification or additional checks are required to ensure ongoing accuracy and compliance.

Global reach

Powerful data sources and extensive access to our databases backed up by global expertise. You can be confident the checks we run cover international sanction and PEP lists from all around the world.


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More about PEP, SIPs and sanctions

A politically exposed person is any individual, who at any time in the preceding 12 months, in any overseas country, has held a position of certain prominent public function.

We carry out PEP checks during both standard and enhanced due diligence processes, to ensure these individuals are not vulnerable to corruption. PEPs will then be recorded in a reporting entity’s PEP register.

Sanction screening is undertaken to ensure that an entity is not registered on a sanction list. If an entity is on a sanction list clients can be informed immediately that they are unable to transact with the entity..

During the customer due diligence (CDD) process, tic company identifies potential politically exposed persons, special interest persons, and those on sanctions lists. If your client is a match, we highlight the level of risk they pose and assist you in navigating through full compliance.

A Special Interest Person (SIP) profile highlights individuals who are alleged to have been involved in a criminal activity; either corruption, financial crime, trafficking, organised crime, terror, or tax crime.

Tic company screens individuals for potential Special Interest watchlist matches. We then rule out any inconsistent matches one by one using our two-step process. This gives you confidence that all measures have been taken to reduce SIP risk.

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