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Whether you need AML remediation to quickly fix an issue raised by the regulators, or a review of your current processes our team of financial crime experts can help.

We provide a complete end-to-end service to ensure you stay compliant.

Remediation & uplift led by AML experts


Choice of service

Choose from our fully outsourced or integrated remediation service. Fully outsource so you can enjoy peace of mind that experts are on the job, or select integrated remediation where we provide access to the tools and data you need to conduct remediation yourself.

Expertise you can trust

Our team includes subject matter experts in the art of remediation and uplift and are experienced in dealing with difficult cases. We have already supported multiple entities in the banking, financial services, property, and the cryptocurrency industries to manage their remediation and the improvement of compliance procedures to make positive change.


Save time, save money

Lighten your workload and keep your employees focused on their day-to-day roles while we use our experience and robust processes to retrospectively fix compliance gaps and share with you correct procedures so issues do not crop up again.

Stay on top of compliance

Take the guesswork out of compliance and use our AML uplift service to review your current practices, and identify areas which may need attention. This can include reviewing or creating your compliance programme, as well as carrying out quality assurance across your client base.


Bespoke training

Prevent costly errors with bespoke training for employees. We create tailored training programmes which address specific needs or gaps in knowledge to help resolve the issues you may have experienced with audits and compliance.

Risk mitigation

Avoid damage to brand reputation and the risk of your business being used for money laundering activity with our comprehensive review of your compliance activity. We can identify where the compliance gaps are, and make sure you have the processes in place so in the future you can do compliance right every time.


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More about remediation & uplift

Remediation is often required retrospectively if shortfalls or failings occur during an initial customer onboarding. This can often place a business in breach of their compliance requirements and regulators will require these to be remedied as a priority.

Most AML/CFT regimes around the world require a robust KYC process. In New Zealand, requirements are found in the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009. Non-compliance can lead to financial or reputational damage, fines, or even imprisonment.

Comprehensive and up to date customer data also means it’s easier to identify potential threats sooner, so you can take steps to minimise your risks.

To help avoid retrospective remediation on CDD ensure:

  • You are reviewing your due diligence processes, and gathering the correct identifying information on your customer, the beneficial owner(s), and any person acting on behalf of your customer.
  • You determine the risk level of every customer, verify information, and understand the nature and purpose of the proposed business relationship.
  • You keep comprehensive records, maintain these records, regularly review and respond to changes in your customers’ circumstances.
  • This by no means covers everything which should be included in due diligence, but make sure you get it right as you can be sure regulators will justifiably be expecting this to be near perfect.

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