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Get your AML obligations sorted with our expert help on all your compliance needs, from customer due diligence and identity checks to consulting, remediation and staff vetting.

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Know your customer

Make customer onboarding easier with our end-to-end KYC compliance solutions. Expertly designed to make due diligence fast, efficient, and more accurate, for both you and your clients.

Customer Due Diligence

Onboard clients quickly and take the hard work out of ongoing customer checks. Verify identities on our secure, automated platform, or outsource to us and we will tailor a service for your individual needs.

“We have nothing but praise for the team at tic company and the work they do for us. We have found the process with other agencies quite intimidating – especially when we are not ‘experts’ in this field. The process with tic company takes the pressure off us as agents when we have so many other things to do. We would never consider using another provider again.”

Kate Fairmaid – Sales Consultant
Origin Projects

Identity Checks

Get instant results from ID checks using our leading technology and up-to-date sources. Access to reliable 'live' data ensures you remain compliant, and don’t have to deal with remediation because eIDV has been re-used or you have relied on out-of-date information.

“Tic Company provides the best service! They are always available when you need them, prompt to respond to any queries and they have a great training program. The process of a CDD request is easy to follow and it is impressive the way they keep us updated in any follow ups they do.”

Luciana Tofono – Transaction Specialist eXp New Zealand

PEP & Sanctions

Our comprehensive PEP & Sanctions solution ensures you’ll never miss a change in your client’s situation. Bulk screening options save time and money, and we're available to provide expert advice to help you deal with any positive matches.

Know your business

Free up time and save money by using our expert services to ensure your compliance programme is up-to-scratch, staff are well-trained and you understand any risk involved with your vendor relationships. And if you need some help resolving issues raised in audits, our expert team can help get you back on track.

Staff Vetting

Secure the best talent for your business with speed and accuracy using our choice of standard or comprehensive staff vetting services.

Outsource to us

Get help when you need it with our AML outsourcing services. Led by a team of financial crime experts, and with years of experience dealing with AML compliance we can help ensure you meet your obligations with both efficiency and accuracy.

Vendor Due Diligence

Onboard vendors with confidence and manage ongoing obligations with our extensive vendor screening services. Fast, accurate and led by a team of experts in corporate structures we'll help mitigate risk and reduce costs.

“The Firm highly recommends tic company to anyone looking to streamline and simplify their AML/CFT obligations. We have found their customer due diligence program and consultancy services to be well-priced, high quality and timely.”

Nick Earl – Director of The Firm (Tauranga) Limited.

Consulting & Advice

Get your compliance programme reviewed, upskill with bespoke training, enjoy expert support with reports and audits, or free up time with our risk assessment services. Flexible support can be provided through our Standard, Premium and Enterprise Consulting as a Service (CaaS) plans.

Remediation & Uplift

Use our review services to help avoid damage to brand reputation and the risk of your business being used for money laundering activity, Or call on us to quickly fix an issue raised by the regulators,

Our award-winning self-service portal keeps you in control of the process and allows access to files and updates in real-time.

Quality Assurance

Make compliance easier and get peace of mind that obligations are being met efficiently and accurately with our tailored quality assurance services.


Monitor client risk in real-time and keep on top of the changing status of your client’s situation with our ongoing due diligence checks and monitoring.

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