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Quickly secure the best talent for your business with our fast, accurate employee screening service.

No need to run checks with different agencies, we do it all. Our staff vetting includes financial control roles, such as accounts payable and receivable, as well as roles with influence over AML procedures.

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Choice of service

Choose from our standard or comprehensive service. Standard service for staff that have no influence over finances or AML processes, and a comprehensive service for roles that do.

Expertise you can trust

Whether it be clients or staff, due diligence checks are at the core of what we do. We understand what is or isn’t normal and can pull pieces of complicated puzzles together to get to the truth.


Live data

The data we use to identify and verify employees is updated constantly. Quickly establish any vulnerabilities which may expose your business to risk or non-compliance of global AML and counter financing of terrorism laws.

Coaching or outsource

The choice is yours. We can take over all your employee due diligence checks, or coach you in how to carry out checks to the required standard yourself using our tools.

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Vetting for all your roles

We provide screening for a wide range of roles, and can quickly and discreetly manage checks on existing staff who may be moving to a new position, or have been promoted to a role with AML responsibilities.

Risk mitigation

Our vetting processes will help safeguard your business, remove anonymity and get you the information you need to fully understand any potential risks critical members of your staff may pose.


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More about staff vetting

There are a number of critical checks employers should make on staff to understand any risk posed to their business. These checks include: personal and professional reference checks; credit checks, criminal and identity checks, PEP, sanction, social media and adverse media checks.

You can screen employees for any role. However, to meet AML obligations, you need to be vetting your AML compliance officer and any staff with AML duties. Policies and controls for staff vetting should also be documented as part of your AML compliance programme.

All your employee data should be kept in a secure environment, and only personnel in your company that need it should be able to access it. Records should include:

  • Information that was discovered during checks
  • Any risk assessment carried out
  • Decisions made following assessment of information and risk

At tic company we store all staff records on our online portal in a secure staff vetting register. This means you have peace of mind that records adhere to privacy and security obligations, but can still be accessed securely at audit time, or when you require them.

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