Vendor Due Diligence
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Spend less time and money selecting the right partners and have access to all your due diligence documents in real time, on one secure platform.

On-boarding and on-going vendor screening

With our expert knowledge of corporate structures, we’ll closely examine your potential vendor business, looking for red flags and any unusual activity.


Comprehensive checks

  • Screening of politically exposed persons (PEPs), for any compromising connections. or other relationships that may leave you open to risk.
  • Ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) checks to ensure identities are not being concealed, and you understand who the ultimate financial beneficiaries are.
  • We’ll carry out up-to-date sanction screening so you can be sure you are not dealing with designated persons, entities, services or assets who are included on sanction lists.
  • Credit checks to ensure financial health, and to understand cash flow, assets, debt, and any liabilities.
  • Adverse media checks to get a complete picture of the business public profile.

Speed up process

Speed up your onboarding process and confirm key relationships without slowing down your business. We know what AML checks are required, so you can be sure all our third-party screening will provide the data you need.


Streamline your AML processes

All your KYC and KYB due diligence checks can be managed together under one secure platform, making it easy to access customer documents and deal with AML reporting obligations.

Mitigate risk and reduce cost

The data we use to identify and verify customers is updated constantly, and our industry leading platform provides a secure online space for you to access and manage activity.


Make life easier at audit time

Keep on the right side of the auditors and store all your essential supplier due diligence and customer due diligence data in one secure place, ready to be reviewed and audited.

Automation so you never forget

Our smart technology takes the hard work out of ongoing checks using automated alert systems. You’ll be notified when PEP and sanctions need to be run, and when to review the risk rating of your ongoing client base.


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More about vendor due diligence

The level of due diligence applied may vary depending on the relationship you wish to enter into. You may need more stringent checks for vendors dealing with your confidential information vs vendors who will not have this level of access to your systems or data.

However checks can include:

  • Confirmation of a vendor’s financial situation.
  • Information on key people in the business.
  • Adverse media.
  • Ownership.
  • Security and handling of data.
  • Operational stability, and more.

Just like customer due diligence, third-party, or vendor due diligence is important to do so you can understand any potential risks partnering with another company may bring to your business.

Once you understand any risks and record findings, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to onboard the vendor and/or continue with your relationship.

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