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Onboard quickly, reduce risk, and stay compliant.

Our risk-based approach to customer due diligence and leading identification technology means you get accurate results, fast.

Tailored AML solutions for the finance industry

We ensure compliance and convenience whether you want to fully outsource AML obligations or manage some things yourself. From conducting quality assurance, running biometrics, to record keeping, and CDD checks, we can help streamline your compliance processes.


One size doesn't fit all

In collaboration with financial service clients, auditors and regulators we have created an ongoing customer due diligence solution to ensure unique AML obligations continue to be met. These solutions include an alert system to prompt you when it’s time to re-run your PEP and sanction checks, as well as when to review the risk ratings of your ongoing client base.


Remote onboarding

Get a hassle free solution to identify customers you are not able to meet in person with our electronic identity verification (eIDV) technology and world class biometrics. Secure, fast and easy to use, we use trusted databases to verify identity documents.


Reduce friction for clients

Reduce inconvenience and repetition of requests to clients with our robust onboarding and ongoing processes. Once a client or investor has onboarded and due diligence data has been collected in our secure online platform there is no need to keep going back to clients to recollect information or data.


Security and privacy

Enterprise-grade technology using robust and well tested platforms ensure best-in-class availability and protection of user data and privacy. Easy to use, our technology streamlines compliance records and holds all documentation in one secure location.


Bespoke solutions for ultimate control

We’ve created a bespoke solution for financial service providers to support high net worth clients. This solution allows you to control data and facilitate a pragmatic and cost effective solution for entities ‘shared’ across our clients.


Seamless integration

We can seamlessly integrate into data sources as well as businesses core systems, and create tailored documentation and bespoke solutions for a fast, effortless customer experience.

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Case study


A Financial Service Provider (FSP) client requested our services. This client was onboarding a new client company they were providing with a high-value secured loan. Customer Due Diligence (CDD) was required for a number of individuals, companies, and trusts as part of this complex entity structure.

Our client was unsure of every entity and individual involved in the structure, had not met with any of them in person, and was wary of the AML risks associated with this type of transaction. It was important to this client that we completed customer due diligence thoroughly and provided the most accurate risk assessment.


Tic company quickly and successfully contacted all related parties to complete customer due diligence. We dug deep into the corporate structure of the entity to ensure any and all beneficial owners and effective controllers were accounted for. After comprehensive analysis of the entities involved, we conducted thorough due diligence on every party subject to the transaction, issuing a risk assessment for each.


This client provided us with repeat business, as they know they can trust us to deliver one of the highest and most comprehensive levels of AML due diligence in the industry. Our attention to detail enabled our client to feel confident they were meeting their AML obligations and were not at risk of any legal or reputational liability.

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